African Centered Psychology Practicum and Intern Student Training Program


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Core Competency Development Scope. 2

Training Program Outline. 3

Supervision. 3

Providing Practical Outpatient Direct Service. 3

African-Centered Culturally Rooted Training Sessions. 3

Community Outreach. 3

The Application, Review, and Acceptance Process. 4

Qualification. 4

Training Commitments. 4

Stipends. 4

Application Submission Requirements. 4

Application Components. 4

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About the Black Therapy Central & Onipa PCS African Centered Psychology Practicum Student Training Program


Black Therapy Central in partnership with Onipa Psychological and Consulting Services have a mission to provide comprehensive training for students seeking to become clinical mental health service providers to Black people.


We believe that in order for widespread healing to begin one person at a time, we need to radically undo the damage done to providers and served populations from the field of psychology when it is looked at through a Western worldview lens. We believe it is our duty to create spaces where we can restore wholeness to Black men, women, children and ultimately families through a clinical and therapeutic understanding of knowledge of self, cultural competency, and self-determination.

Core Competency Development Scope

In this program you will train and demonstrate your competency in five core areas:

  • African-centered culturally-rooted psychological assessment, diagnosis, evaluations, and evidence-based interventions in the treatment of acute, chronic, and severe mental illness and emotional/behavioral challenges in adults, adolescents and children.


  • Your understanding of your responsibilities and obligation to meet privacy standards, ethical standards, and legal responsibilities as a mental health professional.


  • Your moderating the way you comport yourself both professionally and personally when engaging with clients and the public as a professional


  • Peer-to-peer reviews


  • Community engagement outreach activities

Training Program Outline

As a practicum student or intern, you will train in three primary areas to gain the core competencies outlined in the core competencies above.



Your time here will be guided by the supervision plan your supervisor creates with you. Your new hire orientation and first direct supervision session will allow you and your supervisor to outline the details of your supervision plan.


Your supervision plan will include a general outline of the time you will dedicate to gaining meaningful practical outpatient experience, African-centered training sessions, and completing direct and indirect supervision.


Of the total supervision time, 80% is direct and 20% is indirect.


For the 80% direct supervision time, you will actively participate in once or twice weekly structured supervision sessions with your Black Therapy Central certified African-centered Ph.D. level supervising psychologist.


At the end of your first quarter, you will receive a scored performance review from your supervisor.


Providing Practical Outpatient Direct Service

First, you will gain practical experience as a provider of outpatient clinical services to individuals, children, couples, and families.


You will develop your practical direct outpatient experience through building to a caseload of 10-15 clients. Your caseload will allow you to work with individuals, children, couples, and families to learn to build rapport, diagnose, create treatment plans, help clients achieve therapy goals, and help cycle clients cycle off of therapy services.


African-Centered Culturally Rooted Training Sessions

Next, you will gain fluency in the current and historical context that underlies racial paradigms. Your fluency through training sessions and certificates of completion will be the foundation for gaining fluency in African-centered culturally-rooted rhetorical paradigms.


Community Outreach

Community outreach can take place in many forms including face-to-face programs, hosting workshops and webinars, and by facilitating group therapy experiences.



The Application, Review, and Acceptance Process



Applicants with a stellar academic record, first-hand direct life experience with Black African-centered domestic life, and those with a demonstrated interest in Black African-centered self-empowerment and culturally rooted clinical interventions are welcomed to apply.


Training Commitments

Duration: Academic year versions run from August – May or January – September

Full-year version: Rolling entry dates

Minimum weekly time commitments: 22 hours including supervision

Minimum committed days: 2 evenings per week and one Saturday per month



Students who receive a passing score on their first-quarter performance review qualify to receive a stipend. The stipend ranges from $ 3,000-5,000 USD depending on the program track selected.


Application Submission Requirements

  1. Complete an application
  2. Complete 2-3 rounds of face-to-face or virtual video call interviews
  3. Complete compulsory background checks
  4. Attend a practicum/internship orientation


Application Components

  • Cover letter of interest
  • Online application completion
  • Unofficial transcript with related coursework
  • Your resume or CV
  • Your bio
  • One professional reference (preferably from a previous supervisor)
  • One personal character reference
  • Complete a criminal, sex offender, and financial background check


How and Where to Apply

Onipa – or

Black Therapy Central –


Contacting Us

If you have questions or just want to talk to a human at any point during the application process, get in touch.

Live Chat

For questions call live chat with us directly on our website.

Office Phone Calls

Call us during regular business hours Monday – Friday between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM Eastern. Please do not text our office. You can call us at +1-919-729-6509.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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