Are you an African-centered independent therapist or private practice who wants to help more people?

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Did you know your therapist profile makes it easy for clients looking for a Black therapist to find you when they need you the most? Also, it helps you and all of our people when Black wellness professionals like you can share your voice with the world. Once your profile is complete learn about opportunities to create and host workshops, do more public speaking, do live interviews, get African-centered thought in more prominent circulation.


How Black People Choose a therapist in 2020

    • 88%      feel more confident about a therapist highlighted on professional listing site like
    • 86%      want a therapist of the same race and gender
    • 85%      of people find their therapist from an online search
    • 80%      of online searches are done using a mobile device
    • 63%      people prefer to book their first consultation online
    • 59%      of appointments are made after hours

according to our March 2019 poll when it comes to Black communities

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Tooltip: Why do we need this? At this time we only feature licensed or certified mental health practitioners to the find a therapist listing. This allows us to verify your identity and qualifications

If you are a wellness professional outside of the mental health field, just submit proof of ID and any certifications to be added to the resource center.

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Times have changed. Online searches are almost exclusively the way that people find and make decisions now. For professionals, it’s also the first impression prospective clients get into your reputation and credibility.
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