Afrikan Culture is Medicine: The Key to Wellness – Mind, Body, and Spirit Dec 12, 2020

General Description

AyiKwei Armah tells us that the work of healers is the work of inspirers working long and steadily as a group that grows over generations until there are inspirers, as healers, wherever our people are scattered and who are able to bring us together. It is a culture that makes us people. Afrikan Culture is Medicine: a Key to Wellness, Being Spirit in a Reality of Spirit will be a guided conversation about “Culture as Medicine.”

Culture should be seen as an instrument for “inspiring” the restoration of wellness with Afrikan peoples. In this Webinar, Baba Dr. Nobles will discuss an Afrikan grand narrative, paradigm, episteme, symbolism, and associate critical terminology as useful tools for rescuing and reclaiming the technical meaning of culture and the reframing of it as a modality for the restoration of wellness with Afrikan persons, families, and communities, ergo, medicine.
(Certificates can be used toward training as an African-centered psychologist)


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Certificates can be used toward training as an African-centered psychologist

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding the meaning of (Be)ingSpiritness and the Skh
2. Understanding of culture as key to wellness
3. An appreciation of the dual responsibility to decolonize the mind and to affirm African being
4. Familiarity with African-centered wellness (healing medicine) techniques

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  • Sat December 12, 2020
    3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
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