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BTC 10-Day Global Black Community Healing Journey Event


Date and Time:

Fri May 1, 2020 12:00 AM - Sun May 10, 2020 - 11:59 PM

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Webinar Description

The Journey Begins May 1st

For Black people all over the world, ANY TIME during the day, login, choose any of the healing activities developed by BTC healing experts, and let’s make this journey together to heal ourselves and ultimately heal the world.

How It Works

  1. Register for a free account or login to get access to the private Black Therapy Central Global event.
  2. Return to this event home page on your own every day, using the website “Events” menu button, or  by clicking the daily email from us with activity details.
  3. Choose anytime during the day to watch the video guide. Explore the page of the day and select whichever daily interactive activities you would like to do alone and with friends and family.
  4. Share the event, your comments and reflections, and your audio/video testimonials about your healing journey experience.

The 10-Day Global Black Community Healing Journey is a powerful experience that engages all of your senses.

It’s designed to take us from a place of pain and reflection on a journey of healing. You’ll re-engage with your culture through sight, sound, music, online interactions, offline activities, and more.

First, make this a personal journey for yourself. Also, include your friends and loved ones along the way.

If you missed the information about why we created this event, get caught up on what happened at the Emergency Town Hall Meeting and watch the video below. It was there we made clear as we “stay in place” we invite you to honor our shared feelings and make this situation an opportunity for growth, love, and restoration. Let’s share this space where healing can occur so we can get back to really living.

Let’s activate our healthy healing power so that we may restore ourselves in the present in a way that sets things in place for generations to come. Please, join us for a 10-Day Global Black Community Healing Journey to begin healing ourselves and ultimately heal the world.

What to Expect

We infused each day with the healing power of music to raise our vibrational energy with inspiring affirmations, rich African symbols, and empowering activities that engage you to live out the principle of the day.

We created these activities as offerings. We encourage you to use your creativity and inner wisdom to add other healing practices into the mix.

We designed this healing journey as an opportunity for intergenerational healing as well. We invite you to share this journey with everyone around you, as we heal in community. Together, we will get through this. May the healing begin!

Why We are Coming Together

Registration/Prep Period: Begins Mon April 27th 2020
Event Dates: Fri May 1 – Sun May 10

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Video Journal

Consider recording a short 30-60 second video of your thoughts about today’s journey activity. Make it private for yourself to reflect on in the future or make it public/unlisted and send it via email or with a youtube link.

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