Healing Our Children through Education: A liberation education to guide and support the Afrikan spirit within each child.

Healing Our Children through Education: A liberation education to guide and support the Afrikan spirit within each child

General Description

Our traditions have taught that our life purpose is agreed upon and assigned to us before we come to this physical plane. Who we are and our purpose here is to serve the wellbeing of the entire community. This must be the foundation upon which the education of the Afrikan child is built. We must provide a nurturing, safe, and liberated space that supports children becoming who they were born to be. These children will be equipped with tools to nurture their spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and physical states for optimal impact on our humanity. In this workshop, Dr. Kwaw and Iya Bashea Imana, and Baba T’Shango Mbilishaka share the necessary mind-set, cultural centering, and resources to provide your child with a liberating educational experience that nurtures and develops the Afrikan Spirit within. Come, learn, experience.


Presenters Bios
Dr. Kwaw and Iya Bashea Imana have been educating and empowering Afrikan children for over 25 years. They are the founders and executive directors of the Baobab Tree Foundation and Wilson Baker Academy for Excellence and Achievement, and owners of Kuumba Kids®, a leading creator of culturally-rich and affirming early childhood educational materials, curriculum, programs, and resources. Dr. Kwaw Imana has his doctorate in Egyptology and is a master in mathematics. As well, Iya Bashea is a master teacher. She has taught in the classroom and coached teachers to guide our children. She is also an accomplished musician and songstress using her talents and skills to develop curriculum. Her love for excellence in our children is embodied in the outcome we are witness to.

T’Shango Mbilishaka is a husband and Afrikan freedom fighter who has been hiding out as an award-winning teacher for over a decade and a half. He has taught and has held positions in almost every grade level to include the Wilson Baker Academy of Excellence and Achievement. Each of these presenters has a tremendous track record of producing young Black scholars who are hard workers, have good character, a thorough understanding of African history, culture, critical thinking skills and adept in creativity. Indeed Afrikan-centered education is a healing paradigm.


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Certificates can be used toward training as an African-centered psychologist

Learning Objectives

1.Participants will be able to understand that an Afrikan-centered learning environment is key to the healing of our community.

2. Participants will learn why starting with spirit and developing Iwapele (Good Character) is important for child development.

3. Participants will learn how Ritual, Culture, and Tradition serve as an essential part of learning

4. Participants will learn the concept of Rock, Sponge, Spark and how to nurture Sparks.

Event Schedule Details

  • Sat February 27, 2021
    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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