Kuumba (creativity) to Heal through Trauma

General Description

Dr. Tolliver will be sharing her personal experiences with creative processes that have helped her navigate through 2020. This presentation will share a way to present general and specific ideas of how we Afrikan people, can utilize creativity to help us in our healing journeys. Participants will be invited to engage in a brief creativity exercise during this session.


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Learning Objectives

1. Articulate a definition of creativity emerging out of the African principle of Kuumba
2. Understand the relationships between creativity, energy, and healing
3. Identify 3 areas of creativity that one possesses
4. Understand the role that creativity can play in a healing process
5. Understand the concept of both/and in the midst of crisis

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Event Schedule Details

  • Sat January 30, 2021
    4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
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