7 Day Healthy Eating and Living Challenge

Have you ever experienced when you think everything is okay but then you put on glasses and can see clearer or blow your nose and realize you can breathe better or your ears pop softly and everything sounds so much sharper? If you are sick of feeling stuck and need a kick start to your next level of health. Register and attend.

Sometimes we think we feel great and don’t realize how bad off we are until we infuse some healthy habits that show us how much better we could feel with just a few minor adjustments to our daily routines.

Learn what activities you can integrate into your daily life.

This is a truly interactive webinar experience designed to help you change your intentions for good health into intentional actions you take daily to experience the phyical health that creates good mental health and vice versa.

The webinar is led by vegan mother and daughter who have teamed up to lead a webinar that goes beyond diet into the daily activities that can help you.


It starts September 30th so you can begin October 1 Counting down to a new year and new you.


Learning objectives

1. Understand how diet and nutrition play a role in mental and physical well-being

2. How can shifts in diet and nutrition improve overall mental health and well-being

3. What are non-anxiety inducing alternative techniques for introducing lifestyle changes

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Event Schedule Details

  • Wed September 30, 2020
    8:00 PM - Wed October 7, 2020 - 9:00 PM
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