State of Emergency: Global Black Community Town Hall Meeting


Date and Time:

Sun April 26, 2020 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Webinar Description

10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM GMT

Black Unity, Healing, Solutions for COVID-19 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic shedded more light on the fact that we are vulnerable physically, culturally, economically, health-wise, politically, etc when we are disunified.

Additionally, many are scared in the wake of death of loved ones, job loss, media information and disinformation, and just the unknown but what are the solutions?

Mainstream media intentionally avoids highlighting our true s/heros. But we know that there are activists, leaders, and thought leaders on the ground in local communities doing the work. There are those who used their book knowledge or street knowledge to create solutions for us in the areas of culture, economics, job creation, police conduct, medicine, health, mental health/healing and more. But we can use the digital underground to spread the word about solutions that can help.

Join the Online Virtual Town Hall

Virtual Waiting room opens at 1:00 PM Eastern (stays open for one hour only)

Virtual Town Hall waiting room members enter at 1:50 to join in the solution session

Everyone is still talking about that “Black healing happened”. What did you think?

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Invited Leaders, Experts, & Activists Presenting Solutions

  • Dr. Mawiyah Kambon (confirmed)
  • Professor James Small (confirmed)
  • Dr. Wade Nobles (confirmed)
  • Professor Griff (confirmed)
  • Professor Bayyinah Bello (confirmed)
  • Dr. Leonard Jefferies (confirmed)
  • Dr. Kamau Kambon (confirmed)
  • Dr. Obadele Kambon (confirmed)
  • Dr. Afiyah Mbilishaka (confirmed)
  • Activist Nataki Kambon (confirmed)
  • Dr. Jamila Codrington (confirmed)
  • Dr. Anthony Smith (confirmed)
  • Queen Taese (to be confirmed)
  • Akon (to be confirmed)
  • Dr. Jewel Pookrum(to be confirmed)
  • Brother Michael Roberts(to be confirmed)
  • Dr. Sandy Garrity(confirmed)
  • Hekima (confirmed)
  • Sister Afia Raina(to be confirmed)
  • Baba Kwaw and Iya Bashea Imana (confirmed)
  • Queen Taese(confirmed)
  • Baba Wekesa Madzimoyo(confirmed)
  • Mayor Ras Baraka(to be confirmed)
  • Baba Kaba Akintunde (confirmed)
  • Brother Phillip Scott(confirmed)
  • Nana Wode Maya(confirmed)
  • Dr. Roland Martin(to be confirmed)
  • Dr. Naika Apeakorang (confirmed)
  • Dr. Bishara Wilson & Dr. Danett Bean (confirmed)
  • and many more
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