Profile Description

Dr. Wade W. Nobles is a living legend who helped to birth the field of Black Psychology as we know it today. Dr. Mawiyah Kambon invited Dr. Nobles to Black Therapy Central because of their relationship, his lifetime scholarship on African-centered psychology, and his love for our people. He accepted the nomination and Dr. Nobles serves as an Elder Advisor for Black Therapy Central. Because of his work with people from middle school age to community elders, he also brings an intergenerational lens to the healing activities that Black Therapy Central creates.

More About Dr. Wade Nobles

Dr. Nobles also has the titles Ifágbemì Sàngódáre, Nana Kwaku Berko I, Bejana, and Onebunne. He is an author, scholar, researcher, and trainer known for being the co-founder, past president (1994-95), and a lifetime member of the National Association of Black Psychologists. Notably, his scholarly works on African centered psychology, culture, and thought span decades. Now, he is Professor Emeritus in Africana Studies and Black Psychology at San Francisco State University.

Also Known For

Dr. Nobles is the founding Executive Director, of the Institute Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture.

Professional Training Conducted By Dr. Nobles

  • Classical African philosophy (Kemet, Twa & Nubian)
  • Traditional African wisdom traditions (Akan, Yoruba, Bantu, Wolof, Kongo, Dogon, Fon, Lebou, etc)
  • African-American family dynamics
  • HIV/AIDs and SA Prevention
  • Psychological aspects of Mythology and Healing Ritual Development
  • African centered Pedagogy and Educational Excellence,
  • Black child development
  • Parenting
  • African Spiritual Systems and Systems of Human Transformation and Development
  • Pan-African Black Psychology Global Initiatives
  • The liberation of the African mind and the worldwide development of African people
  • Gender Male
  • Degree(s) Ph.D.
  • Populations Served
  • Payment Options N/a
  • Accepting Clients Public Speaking Only
  • Insurance Accepted N/a
  • Paragon Leader Speakers Yes, Available
  • Psycholgist
  • Professor

  • Our virtual online healing resources are available Monday – Sunday: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year

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