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We believe that our people deserve safe spaces to heal from collective trauma and heal from damaging personal experiences. We believe that grounding that healing in Afrikan-centered psychology can allow us all to rise to our historical greatness and allow you to release the greatness inside you.

Use this platform to safely self-check your state of being and explore support services for general and specific concerns.

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Black Therapy Central Announces Global Black Mental Health Awareness Month

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Dr Mawiyah Kambon Speaks On Black Power Movement, BLM Being Co-opted, WS Creating Trauma On Purpose

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Host Attorney Anthony Muhammad interviews Dr. Mawiyah Kambon about Black Therapy Central Declaring August Black Mental Health Awareness Month


Freedom Train Podcast Series
Freedom Train Podcast with Joseph Ward – Tallahassee, FL
August 26, 2020
Tips every black person should know to stay mentally healthy & global black mental health awareness month
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