August Declared Global Black Mental Health Awareness Month by Black Therapy Central and Other Black Organizations


1. Black people are not a minority, but rather a global majority;

2. Black people have unique and specific needs that should not be lumped together with other underrepresented groups in America (or elsewhere);

3. Black people are connected not only culturally and genetically throughout the world, but we also have similar underlying mental health concerns, as a direct result of external causes, like global, anti-Black, systemic racism.

4. Many individual and local Black mental health challenges are symptoms of a larger global created problem that we can counter by getting back to our roots.

Our people Need Us.

Therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors. Our people need us. Two of the best things we can give them are a united front and show them that “we see you.”

Mental Health Professionals, Get Involved.

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